Woodland Magic Cauldron



Miraculous cauldrons are a symbol one comes across time and
time again in the study of Celtic mythology. Cauldrons in different tales, cauldrons with different properties… some give the gift of life, some give wisdom and knowledge, others provide food… each serving as a particular source of enlightenment and inspiration.

Often, cauldrons were under the watchful protectorship of a deity, such as Dagda, Ceridwen or Bran. Similarly, other civilizations and later cultures also incorporated the idea of a ‘magical vessel’ into their folklore and mythology. Most notable of these today is perhaps the Holy Grail contained in the Arthurian legend.

The Celts, holding their mythology dear, put their artistic skills to work and crafted wide varieties of cauldrons and ornate vessels from virtually all materials known to them at the time. Today, there are many surviving relics of such, made of bronze, copper, silver, gold, wood and even carved from stone. To the Celts, the power of cauldrons was far more than a good bed-time story, it was a firm belief in the supernatural ‘force’, which surrounded them and pervaded every aspect of their life.





As a part of Twelfth Night we are making very special soup. Add your special blend to the cauldron



I’m Cyn and I am from London, Ontario, Canada about halfway between Detroit and Toronto.  I am adding some delicious Canadian maple syrup to the pot – to sweeten our lives and provide a much needed boost of energy for those late night creative bursts!  Oh and of course I am going to give it all a big stir with my Welsh love spoon because adding love to anything can’t help but to make it even better.


I’m Barbara(Believer)(porchsitter) from New Jersey. The first settlers thought it was poisonous. Some called it a love apple. We’re not sure if it’s a fruit or a vegetable. It’s huge, cracked, ugly, juicy and delicious. I’m throwing in a Jersey tomato–do you have enough for a story yet?



I am Dijanne from Gellibrand in the Otway Ranges from the Land Down Under

“Buying bread from a man in Brussels
He was six foot four and full of muscles
I said, “Do you speak-a my language?”
He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich
And he said……

i come from the Land Down Under ( Part lyrics from the men at Work Song) I toss in the cauldron not the kangaroo nor the gang gang cockatoo- they are here as spirit guides, and the views are for your delectation but I do add flower of artichoke, basil and zucchini and a pomegranate for good measure for journeys between the worlds.


Greetings! I am Lori and I am a fifth-generation Californian. Cut me and I bleed guacamole. However, I will not put an avocado in the pot; rather, I will toss in a jalapeño so your writing will be full of spice and snap!


Hello! I’m Robin, normally from the Bogs but currently living back east in Pennsylvania (U.S.) while my husband and I are both on sabbatical, his official and mine enforced on me by my health (and all the more enjoyable now that I’ve accepted it). I come wearing my golden slippers after having attended the Mummers Parade yesterday, and I’m tossing in some Mummer’s feathers to add a tad bit of magic, handfuls of color, and a heap of fun and humor.

Please keep in mind that these feathers may well make you an honorary Mummer, causing you to strut, dance, and generally engage in merriment.


Good evening! I am Dawn (aka Cheshire), currently residing in the soggy Seattle area. The winter rains are here, but I’m inside, warm and dry. I would like to add to the cauldron three large dollops of golden honey and a sprinkling of pixie dust.


Greetings from Monika (Imogen Crest – Hermit) and I come from Australia and it’s been extremely hot, but now we have a reprieve in a cool, clement weather. I am adding poppy seeds to the cauldron, for the wisdom of Psyche. This pot has some magnificent ingredients bubbling up!

Psyche's Poppy Seeds


Warm greetings. I’m Anne from the heart of the Appalachian Mountains where it’s currently chilly and wet making that cauldron a welcome sight. I’m popping in some rainbow chard, a couple of beets (good for the blood) and ingredients from my daughter’s world of make believe — some strawberry noodles. Mmmmm! Smellin’ good!


Hello everyone, I am Gail from Sunny Queensland in Australia (TOO darn sunny today by half!) I am putting rosemary in the cauldron. This beautiful herb is for remembrance and will remind us of all the good times and good friends we have found at Soul Food.


Hi loves …… I am Donna aka MysticGuardian, currently residing on the high plains on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado in the USA. I am adding the magical essence of innocence and joyful giggles to the brew as well as some very fine poblano chilis from the southwest for some sultry yummy heat!

Hi I’m Edith, aka Soul Sister, and I am so damned pleased with myself that I can actually do this without asking my eldest daughter to bail me out (she’s 16 and knows everything…or so she says!!) I live in the ancient mystical realms of Ireland where mists come rolling in from the sea. Very atmospheric, but it sure would be nice to feel some of your heat from down under! I am adding milk in honour of the Great Mother Goddess, and wine which in ancient times was said to promote spiritual transformation!!!


stone.jpgLooking around the cauldron and all the good things bubbling in it–we sure make a fine-lookng group! At the moment, I live in Alexandria, Virginia, USA, between the White House and the Pentagon, which means hot air blows across us even in the Winter! I’ve lived in many places, so I’m adding miso for depth and richness and a small carved river stone to make this a truly magic “stone soup” for sharing. (Quinn)


Greetings from Traveller/Troubadour/Carol in cold, wet Europe. I will throw in some edible Spanish chestnuts which should be roasted in the embers to bring warmth and sustenance to chilly mortals.


My name is Sarah. I grew up in the forests and mountains, deserts and coastlines of pretty much ALL of the Western United States. I hope all of you meat eaters out there won’t mind, but I’d like to toss some vegetable broth in the pot instead of meat broth. The veggie broth is distilled from Mother Gaia’s bounty. Our writing and creative juices are distilled from her also. May we always remember to honor her by sharing our own unique broth of creativity with others.-Ninja-Cat


Greetings from Peacebird in the windy uk. I’m popping in some chestnuts and mushrooms, for a taste of the woodlands and a nice big bunch of mint, bringing back the memories and taste of hot sweet mint tea under a lattice canopy in a market in Fez.


(From Faucon) –
As I am Nevada born and raised,
a bit of sage would fit right in —
and now that Tennessee’s my home,
a splash of “Danial’s” wouldn’t hurt.
AT Sakin’el we have a culdren hot
upon a giant woodburn stove,
and make ‘stone soup’ once a year
with each guest to toss things in.


I’m Anita Marie from Owl Creek Bridge and I’ve brought some
Thornapples and Water Lovage and Calabar Beans because if I brought anything er, else some of us may think I’ve gone soft and sweet.

Anita ” Morticia ” Marie


I am Fran, late as often
with excuses that I will not give
Cronelogical, because to be a crone
an octegenarian claims, a Canadian prairie child
I live in Western Australia having given up snow
for the hot sun in summer and roses in winter
I think this pot is quite good as it is and might just add
a bit of pincherry jelly as a side dish in memory of August in the north.


6 Responses to “Woodland Magic Cauldron”

  1. They tickle going down, Robin. I’m having fits of the giggles.

  2. Anne, welcome, love the music from your region!

  3. Quinn, LOL! You made my morning with your description of the air currents of the greater DC area! And I thought it was global warming…… 😀


  4. Now see how much we are learning about WordPress and each other. Little chores like this are a lot of fun. Now to rally those who have not added something to the mix yet. 🙂 Do you think they will see me coming towards them with me wooden spoon 🙂

  5. Sybil, I bet they will! ;-D

  6. Nah, just sneak up from behind and surprise ’em!!!

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