Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream

Full Moon Night

Set in a Wood near Athens at night…

Queen Titania

Queen Titania

Midsummer Night's Dream

The Scene of a Dream in the Woods

Cast in the Woods

Oberon and Titania, and the characters in the Woods

Night Oleander

Night Blooms

Queen and Bottom

Queen and Donkey

Queen of Faerie

Faerie Queen Titania


(Photos copyright Imogen Crest 2007.)

(Themed images courtesy karenswhimsy online.)

6 Responses to “Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream”

  1. oooh Imogen. What a really beautiful collection of images and such a lovely audio and text.

    This reminds me that we really do need to scan some old templates and make sure that they are available for use.

  2. Sybil! Glad you could sneak out and ramble in the woods!

  3. OOOh how I LOVE these magical woods….I just need to find an ancient oak tree and rest my head against it and let it whisper some stories into my soul which I can transpose….

  4. Edith, there is an ancient oak here with your name written on it. Follow the sound of rustling leaves…

  5. Beautiful examples to represent the play. I got to see a performance in the open air near the water while we were in Belfast,Maine.
    It was so lovely! Now I do appreciate the story even more.
    I have some pictures I took that night that I could share.

  6. It’s such a magical piece, isn’t it Sylvia? Great to see you here.

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