Murmuring Woods Speak

As in the mythical story, Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien, the trees in the Riversleigh Woods have been known to speak. However, they only speak to those who know their language, so may seem quite silent at first. Then all of sudden there may be a rustle in the undergrowth, a whisper in the high canopies, or a leaf might fall and land somewhere on your person. A twig has been known to tap a traveller on the shoulder, in the kindest possible way. In David Suzuki’s recent book, Tree, there is scientific evidence for trees sharing unusual communications with each other in the woods. Here are some of the resident trees in the Riversleigh Murmuring Woods…


American Sequoia stands tall in the middle of the forest, reaching up to the sky. Good for tree hugging.


Cypress Tree shares and keeps many a secret and protects travellers in its “arm like” boughs. Also fond of dancing.


Native Blackwood is known to share deep wisdom, and likes a gathering beneath it’s canopy.


Alder Tree is a creative genius, sprinkling gold dust on every traveller, so you could say it has the Midas Touch.


Boab Tree frees the creative spirit, encouraging free expression in travellers away from the ties that bind. This tree loves company under it’s cool, shady canopy.

White Ash

White Ash spreads it’s boughs in an elegant fashion, and loves stimulating conversations and discussions on the difficult life questions. It’s personality is rather like that of an erudite elderly gentleman who has seen all, and knows all.


The travelling ivy is ever present here because it loves any tree that will allow it to caress it’s trunk and boughs. Seeing the trees in the Murmuring Woods are kindly, they don’t mind the beautiful ivy in their midst.

(copyright Imogen Crest 2006.)

9 Responses to “Murmuring Woods Speak”

  1. Thank for the beautiful photos and the light coming through the trees.Such mystery and indeed they speak to me.

  2. I look forward to getting lost over and over in the Murmuring Woods. Who knows, I may never come out again. Shhh, I think I hear one whispering my name.

    (Thank you, Monika)

  3. Under The Boab Tree
    I stopped here during my walk to rest, read, and write a little…Oh, how time goes-did I fall asleep? I’m returing to my room at Riversleigh to write a little more before dinner.

  4. The woods say you are all most very welcome among them…

  5. How wonderful to walk and know the names of the trees and to be able to share their beauty. You give us so many lovely places. fran

  6. Welcome Fran!

  7. In need of a hug today, I spent a little time with the Sequoia, one of my favorite trees (and you’re right, a good tree for hugging!).

    These are beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing them.

  8. These photos capture my heart! A true tribute to all trees 🙂

  9. Hey Alex, good to see you here in the Murmuring Woods!

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