Mystical Australian Bush Picnic

Ghost Gum

The Ghost Gum holds great significance in Australian bush mythology. Around Riversleigh, trees grow together without any fuss from any part of the world. The trunk of this tree and boughs are known to glow whitely in the night, visible through the forest or Bush, like a ghost, hence the name.

Queensland Kauri Pine

The Queensland Kauri Pine is one of the oldest prehistoric species of tree in Australia. The bark is like a painting itself, steeped in artistic patterning, as if an artist has made a few brushstrokes with a deft hand. The trunk is good for hugging, too.

Adoptive Plane

No Bush picnic would be complete without the adopted English Plane tree. These trees have socialised so well with their Australian neighbours, they often link roots and share nutrients under the earth. The shade this tree provides for spreading a rug under is perfect.

Moreton Bay Fig Ravens

Under the native Moreton Bay Fig, the ravens gather. The strong boughs resemble absolute strength, and it’s no wonder the Ravens at Riversleigh make it their home. They are a part of every picnic in the Riversleigh Murmuring Woods.

Storytelling Trees:

Picnic at Hanging Rock is a story often told by the trees*, which begins:

“On Saturday 14th February 1900 a party of schoolgirls from Appleyard College picknicked at Hanging Rock, near Mt. Macedon in the State of Victoria. During the afternoon several members of the party disappeared without a trace…” and is mysteriously intriguing to listen to, and often haunts for many years those who have heard of it.

Beyond the picnic ground is the famed river Lethe, where things that want to be left behind, or forgotten, can be. Gaze into the magnetic blue waters and remember what it is you would like to forget.

Pool of Lethe

*Joan Lindsay’s mysterious story was first published by F. W. Cheshire in 1967.

(copyright Imogen Crest 2006.)

10 Responses to “Mystical Australian Bush Picnic”

  1. Monika!!!! This is a breathtakingly beautiful page. I find it all utterly entrancing! Congratulations. The whole blog is a thing of complete beauty.

  2. Wonderful!

  3. I love the addition of the pool. The water is so inviting.

  4. Regular swimming is on the prescription for health, I think, in this pool, Heather!

  5. By far, Australia is beautiful, beyond words, from all the photos and descriptions here at Soul Food Cafe. I hope to one day travel to such a lush place and perhaps never return and make it my home.


  6. Australia would certainly make you welcome, Patricia 😉

  7. Picnic at Hanging Rock was made into a film whose music still haunts me, especially the beautiful piece from Beethoven’s 4th piano concerto (I think)

  8. Beauty beyond imagining. wonderful. Fran

  9. I agree, Carol, it is a haunting film indeed. Millions of people are mystified by it still. I think Peter Weir did a great job of bringing it to screen. The DVD has extras which are well worth exploring.

    And Fran, it’s lovely to read your comment. There is something about Australia, isn’t there??

  10. What a wonderful combination of pictures and story, Monika!

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