Meadow of the Sleeping Maiden


Many a maiden has fallen asleep in the sunny meadows,
with soft grasses and honey scented flowers,
only to be awakened by a calling,
to come away at Riversleigh.

If Thou Art Sleeping, Maiden.

“If thou art sleeping, maiden,
Awake and open thy door,
‘Tis the break of day, and we must away,
O’er meadow, and mount, and moor.

Wait not to find thy slippers,
But come with thy naked feet;
We shall have to pass through the dewy grass,
And waters wide and fleet.”

by Longfellow (1807 – 1882) from the play
“Spanish Student”, based on the original Spanish
Medieval text below:

Si Dormis, Doncella

“Si dormís, doncella,
despertad y abrid,
que venida es la hora,
si queréis partir.

Si estáis descalza,
naõ cureis de vos calçar,
que muchas agoas
tenéis de pasar.

Agoas de Alquevir,
que venida es la hora,
si queréis partir.”

by Vicente (c. 1470 – 1536)


She who watches over, protects and sees all, deep in the woods.

(courtesy aakaakaakaakaak – creative commons – Flickr.)


Dandelion pair, close to
Bright and shining,
gold as alchemy.

(copyright Imogen Crest 2006.)

Flannel Flower

Flannel Flower meadow
boundary riding,

(copyright Imogen Crest 2006.)

Snowdrop Winter

Crisp, cold winter sun,
snowdrop pure,
ice, snow,
frozen water,

(copyright Imogen Crest 2006.)

Wren Nest

Empty winter nest,
adventure seeking,
new home,
embracing winter –
leaving the

(copyright Imogen Crest 2006.)

19 Responses to “Meadow of the Sleeping Maiden”

  1. Dear Monika,

    An Indian woman, I worked with briefly, gave me the nicest compliment I’ve ever received and I now pass it on to you. I’d told her a necklace she was wearing was lovely,and she replied. “You have beautiful eyes. No, that is not what I mean to say,” she added hastily, “You have eyes that see all the beautiful things.”

  2. I adore this sort of ‘bringing forward’
    a common touch and embrace
    of important things …
    timeles as tommorrow

  3. I have walked in a beautiful space
    and found a dream I thought that I had lost

  4. Wishing all the visitors to the woods great peace and wisdom.

  5. Fabulous – a beautiful and safe place to bask in the sunshine and sleep; wondrous, life enhancing, nightmare free sleep.

  6. And this is so, indeed.

  7. OOOO! Ninja-Cat just loves meadows! She adores chasing butterflies and napping in the tall grasses beneath the suns warming rays. Thank you for the beauty!

  8. Page after page of supreme beauty Monika. You have the touch.

  9. I lost myself here and received solace from the Earth … in nature’s deep embrace I began to birth who I am.

    So beautiful, thank you.

    Donna, Mystic Guardian

  10. Pleasure. The Murmuring Woods are for getting lost in.

  11. Such a beautiful set of pictures, and the snowdrops… I haven’t seen snowdrops in sixty years or so. The image brought tears to my eyes… such sweet memories.
    Thank you, imogen, for sharing.


  12. Monika,

    This is breathtaking and I love the poem by Longfellow. The photos are dreamy.


  13. delightful

  14. Oh Monika, this is wonderful! Sometimes life is just too tough and is almost too hard to bear, and then an angel appears with eyes like yours who can see what we are missing and take us there with her. Thank you for sharing your sweet visions with us all here.

  15. Such a pleasure, I hope the places and paths of the woods are covered in eager footprints going off in all directions, known and unknown!

  16. Beautiful images. I don’t know what else to say as I’m not sure there are words for this.

  17. A beautiful place indeed to wander and I loved being able to read the original Spanish version of the poem

  18. I don’t know when I last saw a sky that blue.

  19. Thanks for these responses! Andrea, glad you had a wander through the meadow. There always seems to be something new to see!

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