Greening – Australian Bush Garden

Australian Garden

The “Australian Garden” at Cranbourne, Victoria, was recreated to vegetate with native plants and to show the beauty of the red landscape, typical of parts of this ancient land.

Gum in the sun

The silhouette of a eucalypt gum in against the blue sky.

Bush Path

A sandy bush path, fringed with typical hardy vegetation, grasses, bracken and flowering small leaved bushes.


A stick on the path, seems like it could almost be a serpent, showing the way. This was photographed as it lay.

Ancient Gumtree

An old gum tree, part of the original natural bush which covered the continent since ancient times. The base of the trunk spread is large, and it appeared to be the oldest tree in the area.

Bush Orchid

An Australian Bush wild orchid.

These images show it is possible to “green” back the natural state of the land, positioned as this place is, “Cranbourne Botanic Gardens“, very close to the urban spread. It is roughly 500 hectares in size, and is pristine, kept so by many dedicated people to attract wildlife back to the ecological system. There are numerous insects, snakes, bandicoots, birds, and other wild creatures who naturally thrive in these environments. A visit to the website or to see these gardens in person is highly recommended.


A native bandicoot, white belly showing, foraging amongst the tree roots.

(images copyright Imogen Crest 2007.)

17 Responses to “Greening – Australian Bush Garden”

  1. What a wild and exquisite land where you live! Beautiful.

  2. The wombats would love you for saying this, Lori! They have wombats in this habitat too. If you come to Australia we will all go there in a group, I think, and you might see one 😉

  3. This whole collection is nothing short of extraordinary Monika. Absolutely breathtaking really.

  4. “and even thee might be my eyes,
    and then my voice to sing,
    and feet to stride the wilderness”

    from a tomestone in the Nevada desert.


  5. To one nature lover from another,

    The natural beauty of Austalia is grand. I know so little about this country, but I’m learning quickly.


  6. I am SO THERE first chance I get.
    Anita Marie

  7. these are beautiful photos. What a good idea to reclaim a bit of the countryside for the benefit of those who live nearby

  8. A lovely selection of pictures, Monika. I would give my eye teeth to see your country… it must be so beautiful.

  9. These are so beutiful Monika! You have my fingers itching to make an embroidery of them…..oooh la, la!!!

  10. Beautiful! Someday I hope to make it to your part of the world.

  11. At least you have all seen it, now, virtually! Even better in reality! An embroidery would be lovely Edith. Good to see people are making a difference and it can be done, agree Carol.

  12. I love the red soil, it is so otherwordly…

  13. What a grand old tree! Give it a greeting and blessing from me next time you see it.

  14. Will do, Barbara. If you ever get to Australia this place is a must see.

  15. Karen, this place really does seem otherworldly. I missed this comment, so I hope you visit again soon.

  16. This is really neat – I love seeing the flora and fauna of another land.

  17. It’s great, Jane, all the diversity. I like it too.

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