Call of the Wild

Raven Cloak by Sibyl Riversleigh

The call of the wild is too strong for me. It has been whispering, urgently in my ear since I first set foot in the Murmuring Woods, stepped in to my mother’s cottage and wore her raven wings.

There are shadows in these woods that I need to explore, fears I must face. So I am going to go deeper into the woods, to find Baba Yaga.

No one has to come with me. You can stay at Riversleigh. However, there may be some amongst you who want to meet with Baba, Hecate and Medusa, who may be tempted to leave the safety of Riversleigh.

Queen Mab by Sibyl Riversleigh

If you want to ride with Queen Mab, the creatives midwife the dress quickly. If you want to ride on her wagon with spokes of spider’s legs, if you long to release the darker side and explore Dionysian ecstasy then come with me now.

Cauldron of the Raven 

If you want to drink from the Cauldron of the Raven and learn the wisdom of the Raven, like me, you will not resist the call.

I will be leaving tonight. Come with me!

If you choose to come travel lightly and bring that bag that Enchanteur gave you

much love

in haste

Sibyl R.


Night Tapestry

Night Tapestry

Night Oleander

Night Oleander

Night Dance

Night Woods Dance

Wood Spirits

Iris Wood Spirits

Light in the Wood

Guide in the Woods

Blue Light Window

Blue Light Window

(copyright Imogen Crest 2007.)

6 Responses to “Call of the Wild”

  1. Wild woods calling.

  2. Who could resist this magical ride?

  3. Am packing my bags and preparing for a new adventure!!!

  4. I’m answering the call as well. Quinn’s right…who could resist?

  5. I hear the call and will join in on the grand search or am I to late to follow.

  6. Sibyl is looking positively juicy. Quite an adventure in store, I’d say!

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