About Murmuring Woods – Riversleigh Manor

Beyond Riversleigh, not marked on any map, lies the enchanted Murmuring Wood, where the sylphs and nature spirits play, and the trees talk, and brooks babble. Watched over by Imogen Crest the Hermit, when not at the Lemurian Hermitage, on a Grand Tour, or at the City of Ladies in Cyberia, it is usually a place of infinite peace, wisdom and exploration. Yet it also contains the magical “Faraway Tree”, where Madame L’Enchanteur is mistress of many mysterious lands. Herself a mystery, no-one has ever been able to predict what will happen in Lemuria. Yet what is known is that no journey is done, but through the woods, and through the trees…


“Faraway Tree”

The Riversleigh Legacy & Legend:

Lady Riversleigh

Lady Sibyl Riversleigh is the youngest daughter of Lord Riversleigh. Her mother died at the time of her birth and Lord Riversleigh sent her to boarding school in Cyberia when she was only five. Lady Riversleigh was educated in fine arts at the Cyberian Mouseion and is an accomplished actress.

Lord Riversleigh never approved of Sibyl’s career or her determination to remain single and he disowned her when she went on the stage at a theatre in Cyberia.

Upon the death of her father and brother Charles, Sibyl inherited the family Manor house. Since returning to Riversleigh Sibyl has opened the house to artists, writers, musicians and travelling itinerants. She may seem young but she is multi-skilled and rules the estate with all the authority of her father.

When Sibyl enters a room her presence fills any void. She is a true patron of the arts and a muse to many who live in this old house. It is her intention to run a gallery and showcase the work of residents. She is also a dab hand at organising events and controls most of the daily routine in the Manor. Ebony Wilder, the housekeeper who also worked for her mother, is a true ally and together they make a formidable team.


– Madam L’Enchanteur of Lemuria

7 Responses to “About Murmuring Woods – Riversleigh Manor”

  1. Hello lovely Lady Sibyl! Thank you so much for allowing all of us artists and writers to descend upon the Manor and make it our home.

  2. You are most welcome Ninja Cat but it is our Imogen who we must thank for creating this exquisite place of beauty and solitude.

  3. Heather, this is lovely. What a wonderful place! I can’t wait to meet Lady Sibyl. Your drawings are beauitful and I look forward to each new one.


  4. I love this little history/biography of Lady Sybil. I feel like I’m getting to know where I am better by knowing who is around me.

  5. Riversleigh, Riversleigh Riverslay….remember Heather?

    “There are no servants in Riversleigh-”

    Nothing has inspired me more on a Cafe Journey then those
    six little words you posted on an e-mail and sent out to the group.

    Gosh these Woods are going to be fun.

    Anita Marie

  6. I love the tangible silence of a forest where the trees muffle external sounds…making a haven of peace.

  7. Thanks ladies! Anji, thanks for braving the woods, have fun. You never know what you will come across and they are perfect for wandering in. Welcome.

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