Back to Riversleigh – Having Met in the Forest

Amadeus Rose Sun

The serpent uncoiled and retreated, indeed, leaving a coil of an old weathered skin in the darkness of the undergrowth, in the place where it could be four seasons at once.   Rushing from that same place where old maps long studied needed burning and renewal, and indeed they did get burned, the two figures went their separate ways.  One in long robes and bearing old histories, took to the shades gratefully, glad no longer to be subjected to inquisition by the other, who fled to Riversleigh, to the room there that waited.   There were no coffins or headstones, just greenery emerging from the brown earth, and red roses blooming along the verdant path that quickened toward the old manor house.

copyright Imogen Crest 2014

~ by imogen88 on January 9, 2014.

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