Season Changes Spring – Murmuring Woods

DSCF7435  Green Corridor at Dowie's

Imogen Crest has been rambling about the Murmuring Woods near Riversleigh Manor after being a hermit for what has felt like a very long and cold  Winter time.  She has picked some native Bottlebrush to clear out the old cobwebs at the Hermitage, walked down the leafy green pathways, saw the first signs of the Spring sun warming the woodland rocks, and picked some Rosehips from the wild.  Birds and bees came out to see what the new season will bring for them too; flower buds, nature foods and the return of life.  Gone are the shades of the Winter mood in the Woods, with the sifting rain, brisk winds and bright blossoms to come, shifting the seasons once again in Lemuria.

Lovely Rocks at Dowie's  Hips and Pines at Dowie's


copyright Imogen Crest 2013

~ by imogen88 on August 4, 2013.

12 Responses to “Season Changes Spring – Murmuring Woods”

  1. Oh Monika, I can just about make out the shadows of your own good self as you clear away the cobwebs, making everything old, shiny and new again! So lovely to see you ambling around the grounds of Riversleigh again. And yes, it has been a terrible long winter….of the soul……

    • Edith! Your words are a bit like Spring in themselves, exactly right. And you are not wrong in your conclusion, it HAS been a long winter of the soul!!! Well said…

  2. How wonderful to see your photos and hear your hermit’s voice again. Your posts have always gone straight to my heart and it’s so good to know your presence is still here!

  3. Well THERE she is! And she brings such beauty with her as always. So nice to hear from our most beloved hermit. Yours is a message from a dearest family member who has been long wandering far and just returned. I am relieved and delighted.

  4. what beautiful pictures – serene even as they are springing into new life in a new season. Thanks so much for sharing once again.

  5. Welcome back! I’m looking forward to hearing all about Imogen’s travels.

  6. It really does seem as though Spring is coming. Beautiful post Monika!

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