Wild Woods in Spring


Spring has come to the woods once again,

and the faeries have left tiny white orchids

all over the leafy forest floor…

(copyright Imogen Crest 2009.)


~ by imogen88 on September 15, 2009.

10 Responses to “Wild Woods in Spring”

  1. Fantastic! It’s nice to stroll through the Murmuring Woods again.

  2. So pretty! Faeries do such lovely work!

  3. such beautiful flowers. It’s hard to remember sometimes that on my side of the world we’re heading towards autumn and winter and you are just emerging from winter into spring!

  4. What a stunning image Monika. Like Lori I feel that it is great to take a stroll back through the Murmuring Woods. They are such a special place.

  5. I love your pictures Monika,they shine.

  6. Hey, thanks so much, ladies. Thank goodness Spring is here. 😉

  7. oh what a wonderful picture – so uplifting – i love those first signs of growth, rebirth after the dark 🙂

  8. So right, Jill, the rebirth after the winter dark, very true!

  9. Oh wonderful! Thank you for sharing, darling.


  10. Thanks, Stephanie! 😉

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