Rainbow Beach Dawn

Beach at Dawn

On Faerie Wren’s back I sighted Rainbow Beach,

but the name was deceiving, it was dawn, my eyes

were sleepy, and all I could see was the fertile

vegetation of the sea, but no colours.

I put my glasses on as we gradually came down

from the clouds, and saw something

wonderful and red, as the sun rose

and peeked through the clouds…

Red Coral Tree

Getting out my tiny anchor, as we prepared to land

near this wonderful red flower, Faerie Wren was

telling me how auspicious Red Coral was, which was

also the name of this tree, with it’s luscious flowers,

just like coral of the sea. 

“Legend says Red Coral of the mineral kingdom provides

great healing and protection!  It’s cousin in the plant

kingdom is just the same, and welcomes us

on the journey…”

Faerie Wren added that myth told that the red coral of

the sea was once the land coral’s ancestor, explaining

with a tweet and a twitter that it had evolved,

using its own innate intelligence, to thrive onland.

I was rather sleepy, and a little dubious, intending

to think on it a bit more.  I didn’t know in this

land of magic, what was true and what was

Faerie Tale…


(copyright Imogen Crest 2008.)

~ by imogen88 on January 6, 2008.

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