Postbox Portal

Postbox Portal

 After gathering with the other travellers in the Woods,

and paying homage to the Muses,

a strange portal appeared.  It was a postbox slot in

green, shimmering in the sun, covered

with ivy fig.  No sooner had I passed through

the small, narrow opening…


Faerie Wren

 …did a handsome faerie wren appear,

chirping and talking in a human voice.  “Come away,

fair maiden, come away…” it said, with a

whistle and a chirp, and bade me hop on

its back.  “You did want to fly, didn’t you?”

Winding Path

 So it was with travelling robes

and Enchanteur’s bag flying, 

I soared above the Woods, aloft in

the clear sky on the wren’s back.  The regulation glasses

made me see everything vividly, so I kept them on.

Even the familiar paths through the

Murmuring Woods looked different from high above.

Trust Enchanteur to make the journey interesting!

She never fails!   I had my anchor safely tucked

away for any necessary landing, however sudden.

It was not long before we would see Rainbow

Beach, said the wren, but that it would not

appear as I imagined…

On these journeys, nothing ever does!

Imogen Crest, Travelling Nature Hermit.

(copyright Imogen Crest 2008.)

~ by imogen88 on January 5, 2008.

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