The Golden Fairy Pool

Come meet me tomorrow night under the ancient oak tree by the side of the Golden Fairy Pool and …..

let’s party!!!!

[I took this photo while out on a family trip in Avondale House in Co. Wicklow during the week.

Soul Sister]

~ by soulsister on August 25, 2007.

7 Responses to “The Golden Fairy Pool”

  1. Oh, Edith, this is beautiful! Really, what is the gold in the water? I trick of light? Or…. maybe real fairies? If there are really elemental beings called fairies, they most definitely live in Ireland!

  2. do tell, Edith, what was the gold in the water – the setting sun? it’s a beautiful photo

  3. How lovely – and yes I believe there really are fairies!

  4. Fairies? I am feel there is the glint of a leprachaun enticing with his pot of gold!
    Delightful photo Edith!

  5. That’s a faerie if I’ve ever seen one! What a beautiful place!

  6. This is just amazing Edith. What a stunning photgraph. That golden pool is magnificent.

  7. This is amazing, almost surreal–the differences between the right and left halves of the photo. What I see in the right half of the photo is a red-gold phoenix flying through a forest of evergreen trees. Cool.

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