Spreading the Word


The Angry Pixie is not very happy about being dubbed Events Co-ordinator for le Enchanteur’s birthday bash but she owes Enchanteur and so she is spreading the word at the Donkey Gym. The donkey’s ears are up and being gossips the whole of Lemuria will know to be in the Murmuring Woods on August 27th with their best party gear on, ready to perform in the outdoor theatre. Afterwards there will be moonlight bathing in the Blue Pools with a string quartet serenading everyone. Clearly it is the place to be!

~ by Heather Blakey on August 23, 2007.

6 Responses to “Spreading the Word”

  1. Amazing Heather, talk about body language- the Angry Pixie
    is sanying a thousand words.


  2. Wow, Heather, love this. Just love it.

  3. my, this is one angry pixie. Hopefully she’ll stop sulking long enough to enjoy the party – see you there

  4. Talk about attitude!!! She is one hell of a woman!!! Your drawings just keep getting better and better!!!

  5. I think she needs a few tequila shooters to lighten up a bit.

  6. Yep, she sure looks like one annoyed pixie. I hope her attitude improves! Otherwise, what’s that party going to be like? Maybe we’d all better be prepared…

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