The view from my Work Room


The photo is of the view from the room in which I work.In the evening when the sun sets ( and it isn’t raining and cold) the trees are wonderful- as the sun sets behind them- and the glow all golden. I call it my backlit view. It has been a passion to try and capture this view in textile- the depth and it’s dreamy sense of farawayness ( if there is such a word).

The view from my window

~ by dcevaal on July 7, 2007.

6 Responses to “The view from my Work Room”

  1. This is beautiful – it takes my breath away!

  2. This is absolutely stunning! A meaningful addition of art to the Murmuring Woods!

  3. Absolutely exquisite! This is so beautiful!! Your work is simply amazing! And waht a view!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful work. I love the colours in the first picture. Dreamy supreme.


  5. Dijanne, I think you have achieved your goal of capturing the view in a textile work. The piece is really exceptional. Can you tell us how you made it and what the materials are? I can’t tell from the photograph. Really beautiful, many thanks.

  6. Your representation of the view is extraordinary, with beautiful colours and skillful stitching. You’re very talented.

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