She of the Winter Wind

Lately, in the Murmuring Woods, there’s many a fierce wind raking through the wintry branches and boughs of the trees. Twigs, boughs and branches, leaves and dry grass lay strewn in disarray over the earthy paths. What was she doing, I wondered, ‘She of the Winter Wind’? I took her portrait on a late afternoon ramble through the Woods from Riversleigh, and she was unapologetic: “I am the bringer of sweeping moods and changes,” she said, efficiently tidying up a stack of leaves that were dead. “I take away what’s dead, the official sweeper of old things, you might say,” she explained… “then my Sister Rain washes it all away. Then, of course, the others come to do their work…” I understood, that without all this work, there would be no shifting seasons. “Hope they like the portrait,” she said, before busily rushing away, taking the twigs and leaves with her.

“She of the Winter Wind” at Work.

Portrait of “She of the Winter Wind”.

(copyright Imogen Crest 2007.)

~ by imogen88 on July 3, 2007.

9 Responses to “She of the Winter Wind”

  1. Wonderful!!! And what a cool writing prompt…..

  2. I caught my breath, for She of the Winter Wind is She Who Must Be Obeyed. Without her, there are no turning seasons. Great imagination!

  3. I loved this one!

  4. I think I may be forced to produce a colouring story prompt to go with this Imogen. What gorgeous work.

  5. this is such a fun post. i read with a smile on my face! i watched she of the winter wind reek havoc this afternoon as people seemed to “fly” past my shop when normally they would have stopped. I couldn’t hang the normal felted flags to show that we were in, for fear of them taking off, with some small child holding on for dear life… what a wicked lady she of the winter wind is!

  6. Thanks, everyone, she’s a sassy kind of creature, huh? Glad to get a grin happening…;-)

  7. Lovely. Imagining the wind, change of seasons,

  8. I love this portrait of the wind and the idea that she is a “bringer of sweeping moods and changes,” and “the official sweeper of old things”. I will never look at the wind in the same way. Great work.

  9. There seems to be no escaping her! Thanks for viewing her portrait, she will be mighty pleased 😉

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