Autumn Walk in Blue Night

Woods Shedding

Autumn walking across the path
of shadows and fire,
quick on the path through
the woods,
night turning.

Leaves and Twigs

Woods shedding,
leaving excess baggage,
shedding like the woods,
Trees that shed
as a matter of

Blue Fire Twigs

Fires burning blue –
without flames
nor cruelty and darkness,
that divided the
wood and
maimed it’s

Blue Woods

Past is ashen
in the blue night,
the cobalt
sky moments
before sundown,
dark silhouettes
of clarity
and wisdom.

Blue Night Woods

They change,
I walk,
night comes quickly,
shadows on the
path look
like wisdom,
and quickening

walking in the
woods in
Blue Night.

Shadow Path

(copyright Imogen Crest 2007.)

~ by imogen88 on May 6, 2007.

8 Responses to “Autumn Walk in Blue Night”

  1. I wonder as always at the magic of your places, your eye to see and ability to make the words and pictures marry into harmony. Fran

  2. How beautiful and peaceful- the trees against the night sky remind me of van Gogh’s cypresses. Thank you, Imogen.

  3. Your poetry is a lovely and your images, Monika.


  4. Oh wow Monika this is just so very beautiful. Your images make me so want to pick up needle and thread and translate them into embroideries…..

  5. Beautiful images married to lyrical words. Thank you for the wonderful tour.

  6. Walking in a blue night. Very appealing. And I can hear the leaves crunching underfoot. Vivid images. I like the contrasts of red/blue. Another interesting point–the past is ashen and leaving excess baggage like shedding leaves. I can see doing this walk on the way to the pool of Lethe.

  7. such artistry. Weave on Imogen!

  8. This is breathtaking. The saturated blues give it a real image of mystery.

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