And Along the Way…

small white clusters
Flowers spotted along the way on a vacant lot. Not sure if these are wild flowers or left over from a time the lot was inhabited. they’re very pretty.

green dogwood 003
Unusual to see this green tone in dogwood (our provincial flower), or possibly I never noticed it before.

~ by aletta mes on April 26, 2007.

5 Responses to “And Along the Way…”

  1. What a treasure to find in a vacant lot, Aletta.

  2. Beautiful and unusual.

  3. It is possible that you just never noticed before. What a good thing that you had your camera with you and caught these beauties!

  4. I loved the dogwood. We had two large trees beside our gate on Vancouver Island long ago–all white though, have not seen green like these. Fran

  5. Our dogwoods are pink. The green are very lovely. Keep those photos coming.

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