In the Grove

I walked amongst the trees

Giant Live Oaks

Dripping moss

Time personified, aged masters


Tall tall Pines

Spears to the heavens

Taking our prayers

Straight up


Soaking in the

Waters of Life

Knees sticking up


Cottonwoods granting

Quick shade

Finding water

In dry lands


Orchard trees, peaches and pears

Nourishing the body

Telling tales

To nourish the soul


Still I looked

I found Maples

Running with sweet memories

Each spring


Magnolias taking the breath away with

Sweet scent

Willows touching their fingers

To the ground


And then I found

A river of trees

Running together in a pack

Like the wolf


Slim Aspen with trembling leaves

Bright green leaves

Paper white trunks standing

In hosts together


They spoke of

Being one in the face

Of the world

And all


They spoke of knowing that

Together we can

Survive that which alone

We cannot


They spoke of the


Of being



So I sat listening


The Aspen trees

In the Golden Grove


And they spoke to me

Long and sweet

Of being close

To those we love


~ by Jane on April 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “In the Grove”

  1. Fantastic to have this here, Jane. Thanks for bringing it across 😉

  2. A lovely ode to trees.

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