We have a peregrine falcon. The birds fascinate me. They have adapted to cities and forests, and flourish where they can find their favorite food–pigeons. I found this proof in the forest.  Not a pillow  with an open seam, but  the lunch that didn’t get away.  feathers1.jpg

These food-chain incidents never strike me as horrible or scary. They are evolution unfolding in front of us. Having lost his natural habitat, a peregrine adapts. We can all do with a few less pigeons.

More on the peregrine.


~ by QuinnCreative on April 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “Peregrine”

  1. We have a few peregrine falcons here in Laramie, too. Sometimes when the Air Force Academy football team plays our team, they will bring up peregrine falcons to put on raptor show. About 50% of the time, the falcons decide they like the thermals over the stadium, and refuse to come back to the handlers! Then we gain some more peregrine falcons here. And as for the pigeons- weren’t they created just to be falcon food?

  2. Nature must always be allowed to tahe her course… it is only when we atart interfering that things go horribly wrong.

  3. The peregrines get their revenge where I grew up by building nests on top of the telepone poles. They do prefer the highest points and the aspens don’t grow so very tall. Fran

  4. We have red-tailed hawks where I work. Sometimes they will find a thermal and just hover in one place. I figured it some sort of raptor meditation technique. So cool to watch.

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