my little fountain gargoyle

pensive gargoyle

I too have a relationship with a gargoyle. Even smaller than 3 inches but a powerhouse when it keeps so much evil at bay. He is seated on the side of the fountain, dwarfed by the lion’s head and looking just a little lonely since his companion on the other side fell off and behind some large plants I’ve yet to dig the little fellow out from there. Forlorn looking, making me feel guilty. I really will have to find time to move those planters.

Pretty sure it will be this week. The local green grocer has started selling bedding plants and I have some lobelia, lavender and mint to start with. Probably tomorrow I will start potting them and moving things around. more garden photos:

~ by aletta mes on April 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “my little fountain gargoyle”

  1. He does look a little bit lonely, but i”m sure the bedding plants will cheer him up. They would cheer anyone up. I love the photo.

  2. This one could be the little brother to the gargoyle on Anita Marie’s blog.

  3. He does look lonely and in need of companionship.


  4. A Vancouver window box guarded by an utterly charming tiny person. Fran

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