Spring Snow

Rarely does is snow in April. Saturday was one of 3 times in the last hundred years. It wasn’t a lot of snow, but even the idea of snow in Spring can make one cranky. A view of hope for the return of Spring.

daffodils in snow

~ by QuinnCreative on April 8, 2007.

4 Responses to “Spring Snow”

  1. Now that is just like it is rarely 27c here in late April. But today it is just that. Whilst it is lovely to enjoy these balmy days it is also disturbing. This is an amazing shot Quinn.

  2. Brr! There was a freezing cold snap in the Seattle area too on easter weekend. After a Friday of nearly 70F! Spring is being very fickle.

  3. In the old Alexander Readers when I was in Grade One there was a verse about the daffodil:
    Daffy Down Dilly
    has come up to town
    in a yellow petticoat
    and a green gown

    You have reminded me. You have also reminded me why I look for roses in winter here in the southern hemisphere and have no wish to see the snow! Snow made me very cranky the last year I taught in rural Saskatchewan and we had eight feet of the stuff–on the level. Fran

  4. Lovely, Quinn, a kind of frozen moment. I hope you get your Spring soon. All kinds of odd things happening in the Woods…

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