Crab Apples and Ivy

crab apples

ivy tree

(copyright Imogen Crest 2007.)

~ by imogen88 on April 5, 2007.

9 Responses to “Crab Apples and Ivy”

  1. Mmm, the crab apples look delicious. I’d like to take a bite, but I’m afraid that if I did, I’d pucker from the sourness.

  2. So that’s what they look like! Hmm. How would you know the difference from a regular apple–other than the dubious taste test?

  3. Crab apples are much smaller that regular apples, often only cherry sized, and frequently hang in small clusters. They are very hard, and sour, but a lot of us still like tham. They also make wonderful jelly! These are wonderful pictures. The ivy makes me think of cool shade on a hot day!

  4. Lovely light in these pictures…very nice.

  5. I love the way you’ve caught the light filtering through the leaves.

  6. Oh, what beautiful light filters through the area. How lovely that you caught is so well!

  7. Crab apples, too sour to eat

    make any other fruit gel–not that I am a great jelly maker, my mother was too good at that sort of thing for me
    to compete. Fran

  8. You simply have the knack Monika. Not sure how you do it but you sure have a creative eye darling. Beautiful work.

  9. Must be something in the waters, Heather!

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