Lady of the Spring

A wraith

Pale green cloaked

With drifting flowing

Garments around her

Floating on the morning mist

Half unseen

So insubstantial is she

But her colors are the colors

Of the flowers

Of the spring

Lady of the Flowers

Lady of the Spring

~ by Jane on April 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “Lady of the Spring”

  1. Lovely and delicate, like a reverie.

  2. This is really evocative of spring and the way it seems to not be there one day and the next there is a faint green mist on the trees and the grass. Really well done.

  3. Reading this reminds me that the wind that blew all the blossoms away is also part of Spring. Elusive, yes.

  4. This has an ephemeral quality to it Jane. And you capture the fickleness of this lady beautifully.

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