Sometimes as I sit under the canopy of trees, I hear whispers.

I’m never sure if they are meant for me or for the greater universe

But I always pick up something that I find to be profound

These whispers of wisdom always help me to reach a meditative state

So close to nature is not where I normally spend my time

But at times I can’t help but be drawn from the safety and comfort of my room

To hear what Mother Earth has to teach me

~ by Stacey-Ann on April 2, 2007.

8 Responses to “Whispers”

  1. Nature’s whispers — so wise and always there if one listens.

  2. So peaceful!

  3. We would be wise to listen to her.

  4. beautiful!

  5. Yes, wise words indeed. The elders are in the woods…

  6. If you feel inclined do share some of the wisdom passed on by those all knowing trees Stacey.

  7. Hi all, I’m still listening to the whispers but all has not become clear yet. I will share the wisdom when it comes. thanks for your comments.

  8. Murmmering aspen, my childhood trees. Fran

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