Faeries in the Woods


By torchlight after rain last night, a shy faerie was found, and has taken up residence in a toadstool, near the geraniums in the woods…

Night Geraniums

(copyright Imogen Crest 2007.)


~ by imogen88 on April 1, 2007.

9 Responses to “Faeries in the Woods”

  1. I did a second take when I spied the wee fairie. My great big grin for the day.

  2. Does anyone know why fairies are drawn to mushrooms? How nice that this fairy sat still long enough for you to get the picture, Imogen.

  3. She looks very contented…

  4. Ah,she is content. And the geraniums must make her smile.

  5. Ahh, Mari dear, interesting question. Mushrooms must be part of making fairy dust. Anyone else have an idea?

  6. In the geranium, hidden from my view
    Is she watching me
    as I hunt for you? Fran

  7. I think faeries like toadstools because they seem like a house with a roof! And they are so very pretty with the red and white decor! 😉

  8. Wonderful imagery Monika. My fingers are beginning to itch and I really must get back to some creative work. It feels like an eternity since I felt the magic of my fairy followers.

  9. Heather, to see some of your faerie creations crop up in the Woods would be something wonderful. Glad to hear the fingers are getting itchy!

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