Spring Sprang a Leak

I love all the beautiful spring posts. I need some sign that spring exists! I went through some old photos last night just so that I could have something bright and springy to post. Here, spring sprang a leak; a white, slushy leak. We have had probably a foot of snow in the last 24 hours, and it is still snowing. Now, granted, this is the spring variety of snow, which melts quickly, but it is very heavy and wet and slushy and messy. I was looking out the window at this Rocky Mountain springtime white rain when I saw the perfect comment on the weather.

Five or six robins sat on the snow-covered leafless branches of the crabapple tree in the backyard. They were puffed and wet and very sulky looking, with the snow swirling down around them. Their red breasts were the only bit of color in the entire scene. On the whole, they seemed insulted that they came all the way back here just to be treated like this! Where were the warm weather, the sunshine, the liquid rain, the worms wiggling out of the ground just waiting to be eaten? If only I could make them understand – in this part of the country, just wait a few days and they will at least have sunshine and sort-of-warm weather – until the next spring snowstorm!


~ by Jane on March 30, 2007.

5 Responses to “Spring Sprang a Leak”

  1. Lovely reading. We have had hot weather when Autumn rains wanted to come, and now they are here. It seems the seasons are overlapping. The description forms an image of the robins that is lovely.

  2. Your world is so different to ours Jane. We never do get the intense winters but the joy of seeing spring come is never diminished. Right now I am loving the cooling that has begun. It has been such an intense summer and it is wonderful to feel the chill in the air.

  3. Oh, those wintry spring days. Just make us hope for sun and warmth that much more.

  4. Spring is elusive, isn’t it? It is so chancy. One day a promise of warmth, the next day wind and rain. Here, Spring is very short. Makes us grateful, I guess.

  5. Spring will not come
    my spirit says
    when wintry skies darken
    and the wild wind tries
    against my window

    I know it is not so
    but cannot believe
    until the morning sun
    renews it’s promise.

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