Forest Spirit – Alex Chua

Just want to share some images of what could be a Spirit Guide… not sure.
I’m not sure if this is how my Spirit Guide look like for I’ve seen him guiding me through some symbols and people but not his actual face… but this image of a face emerges from my messing with a friend’s photo yesterday after I wrote A Dream Down the Path Well Trodden & I thought it looked like a forest spirit…


Have you met your Spirit Guide? Please tell me about it if you have.

Here’s a gift from my Spirit Guide recently in the form of a poem that is now a bookmark and talisman.


& here’s my Spirit Guide smiling at me through a damselfly… I did not add in that smile nor did I notice it when I took the shot… it must have been some freak angle and light/shadows & I the smile only when I was going through my photos at the end of the day.


Alex Chua (a.k.a. Forest Spirit)


(copyright Alex Chua 2006 – From the Temple of Solace, Lemuria.)


~ by imogen88 on March 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “Forest Spirit – Alex Chua”

  1. A little spooky. No wonder it reminds you of a Forest Spirit. My spirit only seems to visit when its dark, but I imagine him a bit spooky and certainly quite invisible. Nice, though. And I really love your happy sprite.


  2. There are lots of spirits in the woods. Heather has drawn a few. I think I’ve heard some during my walks but I haven’t seen any yet. Either they are shy or I’m still new to them. I like the dragonfly image and the quote. Perfect.

  3. So good to see you in the Murmuring Woods Alex. And what a wonderful post. It is such a joy to discover so many spirits in these parts.

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