Lush Alleyway

laneway daffys

Lots of rain, but spring is definitely here. Lushness of the green is so exhilarating. Aside from adding in a grerat deal to my Flickr photo account, I’ve also been compiling information and writing bits and pieces for a series called “In a Nutshell” which is a feature on both my “Lab Rat’s Desk” blog and my main “A Fine Mes” blog, which is a compilation of all I am working on, a total of 28 collections of articles and illustrations so far.

Please have a look around, and the benefit of a blog over my website is the ease with which you can make comments (and I do appreciate the feedback).

Have a lovely weekend , everyone.


~ by aletta mes on March 23, 2007.

3 Responses to “Lush Alleyway”

  1. Beautiful Spring!

  2. Thanks, Aletta…you have a lovely weekend too!

  3. All of that beautiful green! This is a lovely photo!

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