Ostara Offering


Mixed Media

The Spring Equinox is on Her way! The blossoming plum tree in my front yard inspired this piece. Enjoy.


~ by Sarah Ann on March 20, 2007.

8 Responses to “Ostara Offering”

  1. It is extraordinary that as you await Spring we are looking for Autumn and cooler weather.

  2. I specially liked the juxtaposition of the news and the still life. Fran

  3. Very nice composition. I love the background and the colors are wonderful. Makes me want to see spring right outside my window. Alas, it is not happening — yet.


  4. Has a very Japanese-print feeling I like very much. The juxtaposition of colors and forms is well thought out and works. Great mixed piece and hooray for Spring!

  5. Thank you everyone. I really had fun creating it and my model is on the kitchen table filling the air with a lovely floral scent. Art and good smells, color and sunshine -I love Spring. Doesn’t it just make you feel in love?

  6. How lovely and original!

  7. Thank you Imogen.

  8. Black and white and red all over! Lovely to welcome Spring back.

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