Fly’s eye view

Flies have compound eyes. They see many images of the same thing. It helps them know from which side danger is coming. But what if a fly, as it got older, instead of a mosaic of repeating images, mosaic cardsaw a simple mosaic of images? Then the sunrise in murmuring woods, might look like the image on the left.

For more views of life, shown as notecards, visit my art loft. I’m popping corn and making tea–iced or hot.

(c) Quinn McDonald, 2007. All rights reserved.

~ by QuinnCreative on March 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Fly’s eye view”

  1. Your tea is delicious as usual, as delicious as your new creations. Sorry, but I must abstain from the popcorn. I’m on a horrid diet, trying to lose 40 pounds (and then some) before I take off on a New Year’s Eve cruise to the Caribbean with my entire family, grown children and all.

    There are many times I wish to be a fly on the wall, but then maybe not…

    Off to exercise,


  2. Interesting concept indeed.

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