Autumn Blowing In

Autumn Leaves

The Woods in some parts are being transformed by Autumn, the quickening cooler breezes, and golden brown leaves tumbling across the paths and winding tracks…

(copyright Imogen Crest 2007.)

~ by imogen88 on March 17, 2007.

6 Responses to “Autumn Blowing In”

  1. MMMMMMMM, I can smell the crisp, dusty crumple of those leaves.

  2. Tossed from the maple
    a crumple of golden leaves
    whisper in the wind Fran

  3. Yes, they are fun for walking in! Nice poetry, Fran;-)

  4. Fran, your haiku is perfect for the season.

    I must say I don’t yet miss the crunch of leaves underground, but the photo does bring with it pleasant memories. Now what did I do with those weinies and marshmallows? Maybe a spring campfire and hike.


  5. Good to hear about Spring and Autumn in the one post, proof that the world is round and cyclic. Spring hike sounds like some good wild flower spotting!

  6. Ah! Autumn leaves at last. It has been such a long summer and I am so pleased to see autumn marching in with it’s banners and all.

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