Sustaining Feathered Friends

It’s very humid and dry in some part of the woods and the birds have been taking sustenance where they can. The water fountain for drinking has been blocked permanently, so that when humans use it, the water flows into the bowl and stays there. Enterprising Ravens and Cockatoos make use of this, having their drink in the very humid weather. Another Cockatoo sees his chance for sustenance on the ripened sunflower, it’s petals spent, leaving a feast of abundant seeds for it to eat. The animals know where and how to find sustenance, and humans work with them to make this possible, which is something great to see!

Thirsty Raven

Raven At The Blocked Drinking Fountain

Cockies at the Fountain

Two Cockatoos At The Blocked Drinking Fountain, Plus One On The Waiting Pole!

Enterprising Cocky

Enterprising Cockatoo With Sunflower Seed Bounty

(copyright Imogen Crest 2007.)

~ by imogen88 on March 7, 2007.

12 Responses to “Sustaining Feathered Friends”

  1. I’m so glad there are cockatoos and ravens in the murmuring woods! I’ll be sure to carry some sustenance for them in my pockets next time I go out to wander through the woods. I hope there are some ivory-billed woodpeckers too?

  2. Monika, are these free-roaming cockatoos flitting about? How wonderful (well maybe unless they squawk all day and night).

    Great pictures.

  3. Yes, Mari, lots of “Woody Woodpeckers”! (And Ivory billed ones too!). Lori, they are free roaming, though some people tame them and keep them as pets. As we all know, they can make a lot of noise, but these ones don’t make a sound after dusk. In the day they are pretty good too.

  4. Cockatoos have been deprived
    the wires have been buried
    they no longer have their roosting place
    to watch the ripening almonds
    and get them all
    before the human rivals reach the spot

  5. These gardens are simply magical and it is so good to see the birds finding moisture during this prolonged drought.

  6. Yea, Fran and Heather. Good to see them making the most of the water and food around. “A” for effort to them!

  7. I keep forgetting that while we’re at the end of winter here, you’re experiencing a drought. I’m glad the birds are finding what they need. šŸ™‚

  8. Robin, yes, we are waiting for the RAIN!

  9. It is good to see our feathered friends being taken care of by humans when so often human activities serve only to make their lives more difficult.

  10. Yes, Vi, good to see a balance happening. We have more wildlife than I was previously aware of, and you forget how they have to struggle for their sustenance too.

  11. Those crows are BIG! And wild cockatoos–it’s so exotic! And I’m amazed you have ivory billed woodpeckers. There is a big discussion if there are two left in Louisiana. There they are called the “Lord God!” bird, because that is what you say when you hear one. I’m so glad I walked through the woods today!

  12. Quinn, these are big birds! Great you can see the size of them compared to the fountain. (The ivory bills only exist in Lemuria, unfortunately, not in Australia as far as I know, as opposed to the raven and cockatoo, which I imagine inhabit both worlds! I’d love to see one!)

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