Spirit Spawn


I wanted to share this mixed media piece with all of you. It is inspired by the plight of Salmon in California’s northern river systems. The assignment for my art class was to create variations on a theme, the theme of Salmon.

Salmon have been severally over fished and are rarely able to make it up stream to spawn due to damming, pollution and sedimentary waste that fills spawning sites when logging practices unsettle the earth which washes into the rivers during heavy rains.

I researched the male and female forms of Salmon and did my best to represent them in the piece. It is my hope that one day soon, the Salmon will be able to spawn and live out their proper life cycles without interference from human environmental degradation.


If Anyone is further interested in the plight of Endangered Salmon Species (especially in California) here is the link to KS Wild, an organisation that is active in helping to create healthy eco-systems and watersheds in the area.

~ by Sarah Ann on March 3, 2007.

6 Responses to “Spirit Spawn”

  1. What a fabulous image L.B. I do an exercise with children where the fish have words on their back as they swim past. I would love to use this image on a page promoting that activity if that is okay with you.

  2. Thanks for sharing about the plight of the salmon. When will we ever learn…?

    Barbara F.

  3. Heather— Feel free to use the image. Just make sure to use my name (Sarah Stevens) along with it. I feel honored that you would want to use one of my pieces!

  4. You would love David Suzuki’s book “Tree” where he details his own findings on the plight of salmon as part of the ecosystem. Nice image.

  5. I will most certainly use your full name and put a link to your blogger when I use this Sarah. Just enchanting!

  6. We’ll pave paradise and put up a parking lot, Joni Mitchell said. And art like yours will wake up a lot of people to take action. Art can change the world. You helped heal the world today!

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