Jar of Stars

Murmuring woods called at night. The window in my art loft was open, and I heard them. Was it the call of the wild? No, it was the woods. They wanted company at night. I got up, pulled on some walking clothes, and headed out. Stars spangled the sky like thoughts when you decided to meditate. But as I progressed into the woods, the trees hid the stars.

jar stars

The woods at night are peaceful. While I kept an eye out for Aletta’s imagination, it was not afoot (or a’hatchet) tonight, and I was not afraid. But looking up, I saw only the dark collage of a leaf cover.

“Murmuring Woods,” I asked, “Can you help me see the stars?”

In the next step, my toe stubbed something round and bright. I bent down to pick it up. Murmuring woods had sent me a jar of stars. I knew it was not mine to keep, but it was both a way to light the path and a joy to hold.

–You can see more new notecards on my website. 

(c) Quinn McDonald, 2007


~ by QuinnCreative on March 2, 2007.

6 Responses to “Jar of Stars”

  1. What a cute story. You’ve got a great imagination!

  2. Your jar cards are a delight Quinn. A jar of words would be another one – good old journal jar and all that 🙂 Beautiful work! I am in awe!

  3. Your jar of stars — a wonder to see and to see by. What magick is there to see? Only a bright jar of stars.

    Barbara F.

  4. This is just nice. Heather, I think a jar of words would be gorgeous to find in the woods, imagine what they would say?

  5. I want a jar of stars! Time to go for a night journey… Dreamy idea!

  6. I got enough requests to print the jar or stars for notecards. But Heather’s suggestion for a jar of words is too tempting not to try out. . .

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