not good for eating

Two ATCs on the theme of “mushrooms”fungi” for the European ATCs Yahoo group swap

This one is called “trumpet of death” and is a member of the chanterelle family, some of which are good to eat – but not this one.

This one is called “fly agaric” – even the birds will steer clear of this brightly-coloured (equals poisonous) beauty.

See all 6 of them here

~ by traveller2006 on February 25, 2007.

8 Responses to “not good for eating”

  1. Carol, these are beautifully done, even if they are definitely not edible! Nice to have these in the Woods.

  2. Oh, good! Leave them posted for those of us who like mushrooms, but can’t tell a chanteuse from a chanterelle.

  3. I agree– so perfect for a forest setting…..

  4. I just adore fungi Carol. Such delicate images. I can see some of your work appearing in the new Riversleigh Mouseion. Check the GPS to find it darling.

  5. We (my husband & I) love fungi too. Any fungi growing near our house is liable to get itself photographed and possibly collected. Once we were leaving a shopping mall and I saw some previously unknown (to me) mushrooms growing in the landscaping near the parking lot and stopped to pick a few of them and my husband said “how do you know they aren’t part of the landscaping?” Well, I doubted it. These are beautiful fungi Carol. I’m glad they are growing here.

  6. These are beautiful. I’ve just started to appreciate fungi.

  7. I actually kept a journal complete with illustrations of the fungi in the wild places near my home 20 years ago, when I was young and wanted to see it all. Nice to meet another fungarian! Is that what we are? Anyway your ATC’s are wonderful — such a novel approach.

    Barbara F.

  8. We have just been to see the movie, Miss Potter. On coming home I investigated to learn that if Beatrix Potter’s work, and drawings of 270 fungi had been accepted by the Royal Science Academy instesd of a refusal because she was a young woman she might never have had time to do Peter Rabbit! Makes one wonder who gained. A delightful movie. Loved your work. Fran

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