Dream Weaving, Response Too

Seeing Lori’s response, I remembered the value of free, unedited writing. Here goes:

Who are you, old woman? Why are you so compelling? Your hands are old, but have held and done much. Rocked a cradle?  Cradled a rock? Nursed an infant? Nursed a grudge? The thread you are spinning is just the beginning. Spinning turns into weaving, and you’ve weaved a whole life. Do you like the pattern? Does it keep you warm? Or is it full of regret and holes? Or do you not look back, because there is so much work still left to do?

Who is taking the picture? Is it to honor you? To remember this moment. After the picture is taken, will you say “Who cares about an old woman spinning?” We care. Writing down lives creates a thread for the next generation. All us women, writing, we are all spinning and weaving.



~ by QuinnCreative on February 20, 2007.

4 Responses to “Dream Weaving, Response Too”

  1. we are indeed. She is the eternal Clotho spinning.

  2. Thought provoking.

  3. There is something about that image that touches us at the very core. She really does evoke questions, doesn’t she.

  4. Freewriting encourages drifting across an open mind. Spinning and weaving in so many ways. The essence, a part of womanhood.

    Barbara Fahrenbach

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