Sent Home



We parted company
at the last corner
before the freeway
I turned left
and they took him
returing him as ashes
that sit
waiting to be scattered

I have searched the groves
and quiet glades
stood hopefully at
the gates of Shangri-la
but to no avail.

I would lie with him
if there were somewhere we
could lie, embracing
holding one another
But how does one lie with ashes?

The old woman takes the grain filled ashes
and spins them
ever so carefully
weavy a glorious banner
filled with memories
for me to cling to.

She sends me home
to where my my heart is
gently reassuring that
this is where I will find him.


~ by Heather Blakey on February 18, 2007.

4 Responses to “Sent Home”

  1. What is not lost, is found again and again.
    Unexpectedly, in the most unlikely places.

  2. Yes, the descansos is hard, but worthy. It’s hard enough to find the words for it all.

  3. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It is merely shifting, constantly shifting form and is always present around us. You are doing wonderful work.

  4. I witness in profound silence.

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