Dreams from an Elder

After speaking a while with the spinning Elder in the Woods, I found these dream symbols along the path…

Feather on the Path

Feather on the Path

Passion Flower

Passion Flower

Sweet Bursaria

Green Sweet Bursaria

(copyright Imogen Crest 2007)


~ by imogen88 on February 18, 2007.

6 Responses to “Dreams from an Elder”

  1. Beautiful pictures & wonderful finds of dream symbols. Last summer an overabundance of passionflowers around our home inspired a closer look into this plant, and we were amazed to discover it’s many healing properties as well as it’s ability to deepen meditative & dream states. We made a tincture with it several times that consisted of 2 parts chopped leaves & flowers to 1 part brandy, begun on the New Moon, shake daily & it is ready on the Full Moon. We also made tea with the fresh or dried leaves & flowers. In addition to experiencing the qualities mentioned above, the plant helped me sleep better & dream deeply. As a bonus it also alleviated my back pain! A truly amazing plant, both to look at & to dream with….was this an intuitive choice of dream symbol, Imogen? Your photos are very beautifully done….Mari Mann

  2. Ah! Confirmation of the importance of these symbols Mari. Beautiful photography Monika.

  3. Fascinating, Mari, and welcome to the Murmuring Woods. Heather, I agree, symbols are it.

  4. The passionflower is so otherworldly! gorgeous.

  5. Oh, the passion flower– I feel like I’m being drawn into it. The name is very apt.

  6. Meditative images, deeply wonderful. Thanks Mari, for the fascinating depth added. For us, in the frozen other side of the world, a true dream image that summer will come again!

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