Ancient Rhythms

Ancient Rhythms 

Ancient Rhythms,

Drums like heartbeats

in the night.


I move silently on wooded trails

where, barefoot before me,

warriors passed.

Masks in ornate splendor

blending with the forest.

Hidden, except to wild hearts and free.

Rhythms surround me

as urgently, you unmask

to reveal to me

that long forgotten yearning.


Lightning streaks the sky.

Spears, volleyed from the stars

as I devour that for which I hunger.

That, which once devoured

will devour me

until we are no more.


Vi Jones

©July 14, 2005


~ by woodnymph on February 15, 2007.

6 Responses to “Ancient Rhythms”

  1. This poem reminds me of The Rainbow Gatherings.

  2. Getting in touch with the ancient rhythms is not so easy Vi. It is certainly a challenge worth pursuing,

  3. A poem full of the mystery one finds in life. Fran

  4. I like this because it is so vivid, you can see it. Nice views above the Woods…

  5. Oh, Vi, I feel I am in this place and hearing the rhythm, I immediately join in the dance of passion and desire.

  6. I’ve been hearing ancient rhythms too, and could really hear/feel them in your poem.

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