Fallen – The Last Call


My love and I are fallen

mortally wounded


~ by Heather Blakey on January 31, 2007.

11 Responses to “Fallen – The Last Call”

  1. Dear Heather…They say that tears are healing. I wish that the tears I’m shedding for you now could be used to help you with your healing. Sending lots of love and cyber-hugs your way. Imagine yourself wrapped in the warmth of that energy.

  2. There are harder lines in this drawing, stark colors, signaling the tough emotional landscape. But still, large, soulful eyes and the ravens for strength. And those wonderful words!

  3. it is not Roland’s horn that blows this day,
    for thee are not alone upon the road,
    nor is this comrade of your soul –
    borne on raven wing as foretold.

    Lonely has its sorrow,
    and for this I lend a tear,
    as my heart heeds the clarion call
    and pulses healing by your side.

  4. A master work. May all that is sacred and good envelop you both.

  5. What a beautiful poem, Heather, and such a striking and emotionally loaded image. karen

  6. This is so incredibly powerful. Just a few words and an image but so filled with raw emotion. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  7. Art born of sorrow. Fran

  8. this is a very strong piece

  9. Dear Heather, this is a beautiful piece. sorry that I havent been around for a while now, but know that I am thinking about you and Soul Food Cafe. much love!

  10. Dear Heather: We are feeling the sorrow with you through your art. Take care.

  11. Your poem hurts to read. Thinking of you and holding you close.

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