banksia men


Banksias are in a small hidden corner of the murmurring wood, the candles exhuberant amongst the foliage ,the woodie pods speaking of gnarled and wizened beings whom michievously hide  in the wood. Banksia pods always look like they are “talking” to me ( and sorry the image is sideways).Lots of conversations all  speaking out into space. The yellow panel is screen printed and the other image is of a quilt I have just completed today.

~ by dcevaal on January 31, 2007.

6 Responses to “banksia men”

  1. Yes, description sounds right. There is one called “Old Man Banksia” which really looks like an old man having a yarn! (Banksia Serrata.) Lovely art. Keep going with it.

  2. Candle Plants from Australia here in the Woods…wonderful touch
    Anita Marie

  3. Candle plants – just what is needed to light the way in these woods. What a beautiful quilt

  4. I especially love these as they make me think of microscopic specimens. Beautiful!

  5. Your work is quite extraordinay Djanne. Some time soon I am going to have to make it down your way and have a personal inspection 🙂

  6. Really amazing how there are so many possibilities in each of these pieces. I see them as the beginning of paisleys. Just delightful!

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