Magic Afoot

The Moon has risen and there’s magic afoot in the Murmuring Woods…………


Image by Lori Gloyd (c) 2007


~ by Pelican1 on January 29, 2007.

7 Responses to “Magic Afoot”

  1. methinks it was Archemides who said,
    “If I had lever long enough,
    and a fulcum on which to place it,
    I could move the earth.””

    You have found the spot, perhaps —
    now where is my staff?

    I am cetainly “moved”

  2. Oh glorious! A magic moon, just like the one tonight!

  3. Spectacular image!

  4. Amazing!

  5. What a big, fat, beautiful moon!

  6. Luna, Goddess of Night, overseeer of the stars,
    I thank you for your illumination and your magic!

    This picture is absolutely wonderful!

  7. My goodness Lori. This is the most amazing image. Last night Monika and I went for a walk and as we returned we basked in the full moon. I am not used to such freedom yet and it felt strange but I am sure I will do a lot of moon watching now. Thank you so much for posting this.

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