Found in the woods

I was stomping through the woods, my feet moving as if they were molars chewing the forest floor. This kind of walking helps thinking. I was thinking about magic, the magic of writers. Words real enough to make us smile or cry. Words so startling they change your life as your eyes skim across them on a page.

As I chomped over a path, I saw a glint of gold. Perhaps sunlight on quartz. But no, it was a chain. I bent to pick it up. It was a golden bail with a flame on it, and a silver ring with writing on it. Curious. The picture of the talisman is below, and the full story of the talismans’ meaning can be read in Quinn’s Art Studio.

abracadabra talisman


~ by QuinnCreative on January 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “Found in the woods”

  1. What an amazing find!

  2. I appreciate intertwined myths
    and the passion behind them

    well done

  3. Magnificent find.

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