Dark Night of the Soul


I sent my loved one
with soft, moist tear drops
on his cheek
in the hope that
from my grief
might rise
green hope


~ by Heather Blakey on January 28, 2007.

13 Responses to “Dark Night of the Soul”

  1. Oh, Heather, this is very special and so full of emotion. What a poignant image.

  2. Look at those eyes…wide open, direct, defiant.

    Strong image and very inspiring…passion in grief.

    That’s what this says to me.

    Anita Marie

  3. don’t the eyes just bore into one. A very strong image.

  4. Heather this tugs at my heart and is such a powerful image. Green hope will come indeed.

  5. Oh, Heather, this is so beautiful. Only good and light can come of it.

  6. Beauty and strength, what I always see in your art.

  7. someday I will write of poem of this,
    but now only absorb
    the passion

  8. This is the work that Darryl would have you do. To have reached an artistic level where you can say in art more than words can express makes you an artist. Fran

  9. So strong, so passionate, so ready to take a stand in the forest and see it green again.

  10. Heather, I think this is the most powerful, emotion-infused piece I’ve even seen from you. I am greatly moved by this.


  11. Fran says it all, I think.

  12. I love the primitive quality of this, because it speaks of the instinctual, primitive quality of deep love.

  13. Words fail me…

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