Moon Seed

Moon seed, nestled in rich belly soil
Seeking a place in which to uncoil
Fertile thoughts gone now allow you to flow
Wise woman’s wisdom with your stream does grow

Moon seed, sweet source of maiden fruit
Shine upon me, so my soul will take root
Illume my dreams, sweep shadows aside
Come, christen me in your crimson tide

Moon seed, your blessings so full
Drip slivers of wisdom in my heart pool
Lift spirit veils on my dry river bed
Come, let your tendrils across me spread

Knowing my harvest will soon be past
I cling to your tears as if they’re my last
Moon seed, flow top my rivers deep
And take hold, so your light I may reap


~ by Anne on January 17, 2007.

7 Responses to “Moon Seed”

  1. no need to write a FITZ in appreciation —
    just to read it again


  2. This is such rich imagery!

  3. Poignant and lovely.

  4. Rich imagery for this new moon cycle – thank you.

  5. So many lovely things to quietly meditate upon and these words are just right for me now. Thank you Anne.

  6. this poem brought tears to my eyes, especially the last verse and its imagery is quite extraordinary

  7. This is gorgeous writing!

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