Moon Seed Ball


The Angry Pixie is not angry anymore. Once my moon seed was planted it sprouted and formed a reflective moon ball that reveals past, present and future.


The Moon ball reveals that the constants in my life
will remain the constants.

Nothing will change or diminish these.


~ by Heather Blakey on January 16, 2007.

7 Responses to “Moon Seed Ball”

  1. SEED: “constants in my life”

    FITZ Title:
    Each day I seek new colored thread
    to add excitement to my tapestry,
    that by the woof I will be known –
    but what of the warp?
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Many allow their warp lines
    to be set and selected by others,
    but not so the artist –

    Some think that old rotten cords
    need never be replaced or tightened,
    but not so the dreamer –

    The one’s who accept stewardship
    of now and was and when
    tune their constant strings –

    more concerned with music
    than clothing.

    . . . . . . Bard of Lemuria

  2. Heather, this is so special and full of truth. Bless you and yours at this time. All the parts make the whole, memories are everything, and everything counts. The big picture. Let no-one tell you any different. That will never change. This is glorious art.

  3. This is so beautiful and full of love. What a lovely family!

  4. You have beautiful constants in your life.

  5. `Heather this is beautiful! Today I was reading about the upcoming New Moon which will be a Capricorn New Moon and apparently it is all about finding a portal to one’s safe haven, a metaphorical rock or stone which grounds one in a deep sense of inner security and peacefulness, leading to a highly developed sense of self which, because it is so intimately linked with the infinite, enables one to remain calm and steadfast in the face of life’s difficulties, challenges and sorrows. Your very beautiful picture is just such an image of your soul and inner life which nothing can ever change or dominish. Ever.

  6. What a wonderful reflection on you!

  7. Heather, this is so beautiful – thank you for posting it

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