a translation of murmors

for Darryl and life’s meaning

papa faucon


I awoke this morning thinking of climbing Life’s Tree,
a faint calling to be other than I am right now.
Yet, “what is the point?” I ponder in amusement
as I am here by agreement and choosing of will.

Am I to be more empowered, gifted or aware
except to assist humanity floundering here?
Would it not then better serve to understand –
the stranger over yonder than my other self?

If I am not right now a model of balance
between mind and spirit in soulful attention,
then why would I presume to better serve or pray
with wings or stronger tether to the Source?

Why not just say, “This is the day!” — and rejoice?
This day I chose to ascend beyond yesterday.
This day I will model charity and good will.
This day I will find simple humility.

This the day! Let’s sing in ascended harmony,
and diddle the now vibration of everbe.
All I need be is found in your voice inspired
to join in chorus of those who will understand.

Two by two they will boldly ascend and attend,
for as one I cannot compare or truly know;
but this day I can choose to lift up your heart
and in turn stand on the willing shoulders of God.


~ by faucon on January 15, 2007.

One Response to “a translation of murmors”

  1. Powerful words and very inspirational. I love “Diddle the now vibration of everbe.” Thank you.

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