Night Rainbows

Magic prism, break the darkness
Charm those spirits of the east
Who light the morning sky
And paint the horizon with brilliance

The decorative wrap of night
Sparkles around me
Igniting inner fires that burn red and orange
And harken the sun’s illumined path

The gift of day sits unopened
While in gratitude I eclipse that inner light
Strengthening its conviction
And savoring this moment of creation

Meanwhile night tinged in moon shadows
Dances with my spirit
And the magic prism
Gifts me with night rainbows


~ by Anne on January 14, 2007.

11 Responses to “Night Rainbows”

  1. This concept is wonderful – “night rainbows”.

  2. I am envisioning this in my mind! Astounding!

  3. I’m on my way into bed. The image you painted with words is a lovely one to take with me into sleep and dreams. Thank you.

  4. lovely visuals =) I love the idea of a ‘night rainbow’! interestingly enough, I’m currently working on the theme of rainbows for a particular portfolio, so your poem calls to me

  5. I will just sit and visualize this as I lay my head down tonight Anne. Night rainbows sound wild.

  6. SEED: “tinged in moon shadows”

    I can see thee more clearly now,
    folly hid from the day’s harsh glare —

    “For future hope can be molded
    by faith and action and love,
    and the silver kiss of moonlight
    that divinely touches the soul.”

    and I will search for Lunar rainbows
    in the tears of midnight dew –
    in tribute to your truths.

    . . . . . . . . Bard of Lemuria

  7. beautiful imagery

  8. ‘the gift of day sits unopened’ – I think this is wonderful

  9. Beautiful imagery. Your mind must dance all night.

  10. Wonderful imagery! How you breathe such life into your words. In credible!! Like Carol, my favourite line is ‘the gift of day sits unopened’. I shall remember this tomorrow morning. Thank you.

  11. Wonderful imagery! The gift of day sits unopened. I imagine this huge red-yellow glowing/glittery box and around it swirls the ribbon of night; with multi-colored stars and a creamy milky way galaxy. Earlier in the week I saw a double ring around the moon when driving back to my house. This was before the snow!

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